Todd: Put on your traveling shoes

Kudos to the new owners of the Revenue-Virginius mine, who expressed their intent to keep the local workforce and management structure in place. They plan to expand from 250 tons of production a day at first to 400 tons per day. They also hope to become a local hub for processing raw materials.
With a loan payout period of 13 years, and an eye on expansion, it's clear that this group plans to grow and encourage the growth of mining in the San Juans.

Grab the Goose, Claim the Common, Trample the Tortoise

The law locks up the man or woman
Who steals the goose off the common
But leaves the greater villain loose
Who steals the common from the goose.
 – Anonymous, 17th Century English Folk Poem    
By now everybody has heard or read about the 67-year-old Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy, who is defying the federal government – specifically – the Bureau of Land Management. Mr. Bundy claims that his family has been on the land since the 1870s and ipso facto all of his rights to run cattle onto federal land predate any "grazing fees or "federal interference in Our Freedom."   

Johnson: On being the target, the arrow, and the ball

“Certain events may reflect the significant dimensions of all your life, mirroring your entire history in a passing moment.” I recently enjoyed Michael Murphy’s early ‘70s novel, “Golf In The Kingdom.” Murphy penned a “Bible,” of sorts, with enough Zen, philosophy and parable to get you through life, not to mention a lifetime of golf. It’s certainly not a “manual”; there is scarcely a mention of mechanics and form. Instead, “Golf In The Kingdom” focuses on the mental aspects of the game — Sports Psychology, if you will.

RIDGWAY SCHOOL BOARD In defiance of accountability

If the Ridgway School Board got anything right over the past few years, it occurred the other night when it did not renew the contract of Secondary School Principal Jim Bob Hobbs. Don't, however, mistake this as a sign of being accountable.
This is the tale of how a school board created an environment wherein the hired help called the shots.
Whoever is the next superintendent of these schools would have had a tough time managing Hobbs. He had already shown his disdain for authority over the past year or so, and he managed to be entwined in a scheme with a board member that successfully engineered a plan to have his boss resign. Add to that he thought he was safe when, late on March 19, the board succumbed to pressure and did not take the expected action of not renewing his contract.

Noting the strength and character of friends as pure as gold

Working the distillery, I interact with people who hold a wide range of political views. Usually as long as they do not digress to abuse or bigotry, I just nod and shake my head. The fun times are when people of differing opinions get each other going and still more fun when people who consider each other friends find out how much they disagree on politics or other subjects — yet remain friends.