Can mayor dive into pool discussions?

All our best to a long-time Ouray family for the loss of their patriarch, Dr. Richard Poole. A true gentleman, faithful subscriber and one who loved these mountains. I'm sure the family will be wearing its PMS 166 in his honor.

I was driving through Ridgway the other night and it occurred to me to pay attention to the light emitted from the controversial window signs at Ponderosa Real Estate. Alas, my observations might have borne results had I not been blinded by the light coming from the beer signs across the street.

A sterile approach to sport fishing

Every July for the past several years, Colorado Parks and Wildlife has hosted a tournament at Ridgway State Park to catch and kill as many smallmouth bass as possible. Prizes ranging from $5,000 in cash to a bass boat have been awarded for most fish, biggest fish and smallest fish caught.
At Elkhead Reservoir, there’s an annual tournament in June to catch and keep and kill as many northern pike and smallmouth bass as possible. Cash prizes of $4,500 and a similar value in fishing gear are awarded.

The mountain is usually going to win

The March 7, 1963 Ouray County Herald's top headline blared, "Search continues for victims of snowslide."
The search had been going on since Sunday, March 3, when Rev. Marvin W. Hudson of Ridgway and his daughters, Amelia and Pauline, were swept away in an avalanche at the Riverside slide just a few miles south of Ouray.

The cheerleaders never age

My oldest brother, Jim, attends University of Texas men's basketball games as frequently as he can. He made an observation last year, which he shared. He said that while he's getting older each year, the cheerleaders never do.
I don't know why I thought of that a few weeks ago when we were in Austin attending my son's wedding. I think it's because he and his beautiful bride, Kelly, took a path to marriage that was less than conventional from my (stuck in time) viewpoint.

Close encounters of aggravating kind

Traveling by commercial airline isn't fun, and if anyone tells you it is, they are high-flyin' fibbers.
I said it.
And I say this even though my oldest son is a pilot for a commercial airline.
It's because of his job that the publishing duo in Ouray County gets to fly anywhere for next-to-nothing to no charge at all. Which, with ill relatives in other states to tend to and a granddaughter to get to, flying at a cost of next-to-nothing really, really helps keep the bank account grounded.