Sewage cleanup continues as businesses worry about repeat

by Mike Wiggins

Ouray business owners who watched in dismay three weeks ago as sewage backed up into their homes and businesses are pushing ahead with repair and remodel work, leaving questions about insurance and liability to be answered another day while hoping to avoid a repeat event.
City officials, meanwhile, say there isn't much they can do to keep another backup from happening beyond the preventative work they already perform annually. And they insist they are moving as quickly as possible to replace the entire sewer system.
City Public Works Director Joe Coleman has said debris in the main sewer line created a clog that triggered the April 18 backup. He said this week crews found a couple of root balls in the main line but he doesn't know if they caused the trouble.
At the Ouray Cafe & Steakhouse, co-owner Jason Perkins is working daily with disaster cleanup company Servpro to remediate the restaurant. Crews ripped out wastewater-soaked drywall and insulation. He said he hopes Servpro will finish remediation this week. In the meantime, he's looking for new furniture.
He and his wife Amber hope to reopen the restaurant by Memorial Day.
"We're going to try our best, but we're just not sure we're going to make it," he said.

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