Sewer trouble bubbles again in Ouray

By Mike Wiggins

The call no one wants was made to Jason Perkins' cellphone at 7:15 p.m. as he and his wife Amber and friends and fellow business owners Brian and Julie Duckles were bowling at the Elks Lodge.
Sewage was backing up in the Perkins' home adjacent to the Ouray RV Park & Cabins and Ouray Cafe & Steakhouse.
"My first thought is, 'What did they flush down the toilet?'" Jason said, thinking of the couple's 2 1/2-year-old twins.
When he arrived home minutes later, he found the problem was much bigger than toddler mischief.
The manhole cover outside the restaurant was rocking back and forth. Sewage was flowing out of it, as well as the next-door restaurant. The manhole next to the Timber Ridge Motel — owned by the Duckleses — was full.
Brian's cellphone rang. You need to get down here, Jason told him. Brian threw a $20 bill at the bartender on his way out the door.
Ouray's overtaxed sewer system reared its ugly head again the evening of April 18, as a backup in the 10-inch concrete sewer main line spewed raw sewage into two businesses and the first floor of the Perkins' home, turning the following day, Good Friday, into anything but.
"Whatever you flush down a toilet ended up in our establishments," Jason said.

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