Commissioners prepare to fill two vacancies on planning commission

by Carolina King

The Board of County Commissioners decided not to impose new residency and other possible qualifications for planning commission members at a work session on March 19 but will take those into consideration when appointing new members. Terms for members Mark Iuppenlatz and Mark Wilson expire in April.
Before the openings are posted the board wanted to review the requirements to apply for a position on the commission and how they will make their selections, to see if any updates or changes should be made. No official changes were made to requirements at the work session, but staff was instructed to revise a previous advertisement based on the discussion and present it to the county commissioners for approval before posting.
Commissioners discussed whether there should be a residency requirement at all, and if so for how long. They mused over stipulating that there be a member from every geographical location within the county.
By the end of the discussion, commissioners leaned toward...

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