New council members, new compensation

by Dalton Carver

New town council members will be paid a bit more than past members, thanks to an ordinance adopted by the current council at its regular meeting March 13. With the town’s advancements and future projects, current council members believe the position requires more dedication and commitment than it has in the past.
Starting next month, all new council members will be compensated $250 a month through a stipend. A new mayor will be paid $400 a month. The stipend amounts have been changed just twice – once in 1999 to $150/$125 a month and again in 2008 to $350/$200.
The stipend is considered more of an expression of gratitude and overall appreciation for the time council members put in, rather than standing as actual compensation. During budget discussions in 2018 council members directed staff to draft the ordinance that will amend the Ridgway Municipal Code. The FY 2019 budget was subsequently adopted in December.
“During our budget discussion, we talked about how much more work council positions are now than what they were 10 years ago,” said John Clark, mayor. “We thought the least we could do is increase the stipend a little bit.”
Incoming council members...

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