Ouray business owners upset over county threat to increase taxes

by Alan Todd

There was plenty of anger vented at Monday's Ouray City Council meeting toward the Board of County Commissioners’ suggestion last week that either the county sales tax is increased, or maintenance on Jeep roads decreases.
"I'm sure that most of you have read the (Plaindealer) this past week with the county commissioners suggesting yet another tax increase with the veiled threat of not clearing Jeep roads,” Lora Slawitschka, owner of Ouray Chalet Inn, said. “I am adamantly against this. It is a detriment. Our taxes are already too high and there is push-back (from consumers)."
The report in last week's Plaindealer summarized the county commissioners’ thinking: "Commissioners said that with limited funds, getting those (Jeep) roads open for Jeep season would be lower in priority than ensuring safe driving conditions on more heavily traveled county roads," the story stated.
"As a citizen who lives here," Slawitschka said, "it also continues to encourage us to go to Montrose to shop, because it affects every business in town. It is in poor taste, and it is certainly poor judgment."
Mayor Pam Larson said she cannot...

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