Log Hill residents not backing down from perceived threat of ‘Pot Hill’

by Dalton Carver

A crowd of more than 40 people squeezed into the Ouray County Land Use Office meeting room on Tuesday to become voices in the ongoing battle over marijuana cultivation in the county. Although the Board of County Commissioners was considering expansion of an existing facility on Log Hill, the issue quickly reverted to a more elemental one – is marijuana cultivation right for Ouray County?
With another packed public hearing, the topic of marijuana and its cultivation in the county has likely not received so much attention since the ordinance allowing grows was adopted in 2014.
At the conclusion of Tuesday’s session, the BOCC continued the hearing to review the weighty amount of public comment received from both sides of the issue.
MS Support’s operation is located at 255 Melody Lane on the north end of Log Hill and was originally approved by the Local Licensing Authority (BOCC) in 2016 as High Mesa Farms. That approval allowed construction of a shop building, a greenhouse and an enclosed breezeway that adds up to about 3,300 square feet on the property.
In 2018, the license was transferred to MS Support and was renewed.
MS Support harvested its first crop last November. Despite the harvest, the facility isn’t considered ‘active’ per the definition in last year’s ordinance. MS Support staff expect to become active within...

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