Two pieces of wildfire mitigation regulation plans finalized

by Carolina King

Ouray County Planning Commission members finalized work on drafting new wildfire mitigation regulations for both new construction and planned unit developments on March 5 and are preparing to work on the next subject on their to-do list – one that Chair Sheelagh Williams called the “thorniest” issue – regulating mitigation of additions and remodels.
The commission will submit the recommended regulations to the Board of County Commissioners as proposed changes to Section 16 of the Land Use Code.
The commission had to tweak only a little of the wording in the rules regarding new construction last Tuesday. The proposed rules are a point system with a few basic mandatory elements, like a Class A roof – to which most of Ouray County homes already adhere – along with scored elements, allowing more flexibility of choice.
Scored elements that homeowners can pick from – as long as their total comes in at 589 points or lower – include items like driveway clearance, window type, decking and defensible space (space cleared, but not clearcut to lower wildfire risks). The topography and slope of the building site is also taken into consideration in the scoring.
The commission was able to streamline the proposed rules for PUDs because all homes built within a PUD would be subject to the new construction regulations. The focus was on...

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