Zoning change proposed for Colona

by Carolina King

The Board of County Commissioners heard a presentation March 6 on a possible citizen-initiated amendment to the Land Use Code regarding the Colona Zone. Craig Jackman, owner of 250 acres of land in and around Colona, presented a proposal amending the code to allow for zoning of 25-foot-width lots for residential property in Colona as opposed to the current 50-foot-width lot requirement.
Jackman made his case to the board by describing what makes Colona an ideal place to build affordable housing. He said the elevation, at 500 feet lower than Ridgway, with a milder climate, would make construction easier and be lower cost because of a lighter snow-load and less frost depth. There are also no high water table issues in Colona.
Because Colona does not have what Jackman called the “resort factor” of Ridgway,  land prices are lower. He described Colona as a working community saying it is “a nice place but doesn’t have a lot of sizzle.”
Infrastructure such as utilities and internet are already in place and the area has 24 hour fire protection from the South Montrose Fire Station, which is only seven minutes away.
However, if the zoning were to be reduced to 25 feet width, the current set-up of individual septic systems would no longer work, and a sewer system with a community waste treatment facility would have to be built.
Jackman did not propose...

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