Family’s connection to the region survives passage of time

by Carolina King

Raymond Hawks of Montrose recently received the 2019 Lifetime Member Award from the Ouray County Cattlemen’s Association. The 90-year old has a long family history in the region with eight generations having lived in the Montrose area.
The Hawks family has been trucking, mostly livestock, in and around Ouray County for more than 90 years.
Hawks’ great-grandfather, originally from England, settled in the Horsefly area in 1887 and started a sawmill furnishing lumber for booming mines. He also farmed hay to supply all the teams of horses needed to haul for the mines.
There was a building somewhere in the Horsefly area built by Hawks’ great-grandfather called “Hawks Hall.” It had a school and place for dances and other social gatherings.
“When you lived on Horsefly, it was a two-day trip to Montrose with a team. So they stayed pretty close-knit up there,” Hawks said, going on to describe a gathering of his great-grandfather’s time period called a box supper.
A box supper was when young ladies would make a meal for two, put it in a decorated box and auction off a meal with herself to interested men.
Hawks assumes that is how his grandparents met. His grandmother was raised near...

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