Public kicks cap on short-term rentals to the curb

by Carolina King

After not having enough members of the Ouray City Council, Short-term Rental Steering Committee or Ouray Planning Commission for a quorum at last week’s scheduled work session on short-term rentals, the meeting was rescheduled for Monday, March 4. This time, a large panel of 18 members of those groups sat before an audience of vocal citizens to discuss capping the number of and regulation of short-term rentals.
One thing was very clear from the beginning of the meeting: the public – at least those who made their voices heard – was completely against any cap on short-term rentals.
Public comments included such statements as “there are no studies that actually show short-term rentals having long-term negative effects on a city.” People also expressed that the zoning already in place in the city is a form of capping.
Tom Tyler of the Ouray Planning Commission noted reasons to avoid a cap. He explained a cap prevents a typical scenario of people constructing a home to rent short-term before they are able move to Ouray. He said short-term rental of their properties helps people who...

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