Commissioners focus on Colona for affordable housing

by Beecher Threatt

On Tuesday the Board of County Commissioners set land use priorities for the county planning commission, naming affordable housing in the Colona Zone as next in line after the commission finishes work on revising wildfire mitigation and non-commercial camping regulations.
In another resolution the board listed specific issues on which it wants recommendations from the commission.
The commission should convene a meeting with mining industry representatives with regard to their need for housing and affordable housing and provide a report to the board.
The board also wants a report on a meeting with Colona residents on potential rezoning with possible higher densities of residences.
Planning commissioners are also asked to recommend new zoning for Colona.
Other reports will include: analysis of the vested property rights section of the land use code; analysis of statutory rural cluster subdivisions; and, analysis of potential new zoning districts in the county.