Remote testimony to legislature available in Montrose

by Beecher Threatt

Ouray County residents and others in the Montrose area can now provide testimony on legislative bills without traveling to Denver or Grand Junction.
The Montrose campus of Colorado Mesa University offers a remote testimony site that is activated whenever anyone outside of Denver wishes to testify on a bill. Once remote testimony is authorized by a legislative committee chair, all remote testimony sites will be available.
In addition to Montrose, the other sites are in Grand Junction, Durango, Alamosa, Trinidad, La Junta and Lamar.
Ouray County residents may email or call either Sen. Don Coram or Rep. Barbara McLachlan to initiate the process.
Gary Ratcliff, director of the Montrose CMU campus, said he has been trained in providing the remote testimony availability. Ratcliff said the new location was set up when Coram asked a local leader to testify on a bill but informed her she would have to drive to Grand Junction.
“The Colorado legislature influences the everyday lives of rural Coloradans. CMU is pleased to expand our remote testimony agreement to include the greater Montrose area enabling better legislative engagement from people in rural areas,” said CMU President Tim Foster. “We are able to do this at the same time we prepare to expand civic engagement opportunities at CMU.”
Remote testimony first became available in 2015.
To request a remote testimony opportunity, contact Coram at 303-866-4884 or or contact McLachlan at 303-866-2914 or
More information is available at, and once a bill hearing is listed on that page, anyone wishing to testify may sign up.