Pending appeal, real estate listing posters must go dark

by Dalton Carver

After two hearings and time to review the matter, Administrative Hearing Officer Zachary Martin has upheld most of the sign regulation violations for which the Town of Ridgway cited Tony Girard regarding the property at 565 Sherman St.
The indoor real estate listings in the south window of Ponderosa Real Estate do not require a permit because the town did not prove they are less than six inches from the window.
“As far as the AHO can tell, nothing prevented the Town employees from going inside the building to measure the listings’ distance from the window,” Martin said in the order. “They simply did not do so.”
The listings still must adhere to the requirement they measure less than 32 square feet.
Martin allowed the town to consider the listings as one sign, and it measures 105 square feet.
The listings are internally illuminated, which Martin ruled present a traffic and safety hazard and fall under the town code category of “nuisance.”
Being indoors, however, the listings are not considered in the total area allotment for signs for the entire building. That calculation allows one square foot of signs for every linear foot of the building.
Considering the area of other signs on the building, Martin said Girard must reduce the amount of sign face area on his property to 83.5 square feet or less.
Girard has also been ordered to...

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