Policy makers look to Colona for affordable housing location

by Carolina King

The Board of County Commissioners met with the Ouray County Planning Commission in a joint work session on Wednesday, Jan. 30 to discuss affordable housing and potential Land Use Code changes. The discussion focused on concrete ideas that could be implemented in a realistic timeframe.
The main focus, seen as the most easily obtainable goal, was on developing a plan to get affordable housing in place in Colona.
BOCC Chair John Peters called Colona a “logical place” for housing as utilities such as water, gas and electricity are already available. Land prices were also considered by members of both the board and planning commission as much more favorable than elsewhere in the county.
Commissioner Don Batchelder said Colona would be an easier place to make zoning changes compared to other areas of the county. He said once changes were made, then the Colona Zone could be...

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