Mt. Sneffels Board has vacancies

by Carolina King

Elementary Principal Trish Greenwood told the Ridgway School Board last Thursday that the Mt. Sneffels Education Foundation is in need of two new board members from Ridgway School District. Board members may be anyone who lives in the school district. The Mt. Sneffels Education Foundation helps fund the Learn to Ski program and many of the field trips that students go on throughout the school year.
At this week’s Ouray School Board meeting, it was also reported by Principal Kenneth Nelson that there is also an open seat for one Ouray School District member.
The Mt. Sneffels Marathon is the biggest fundraiser the organization does and “for the last three to five years the majority of volunteers for the race are out of Ouray,” Greenwood said. “We are really going to try to work hard this year on changing that and trying to change mentality a little bit more in Ridgway that if your kid benefited from the Mt. Sneffels grant for a trip, then we need you and your kid to help volunteer at the race.”

Elementary reports
Greenwood reported that with three recent hirings the school is now almost fully staffed. In looking ahead to registration for next year’s preschool program, Greenwood said rates may need to be raised as they have remained the same for a number of years.
Greenwood also reported on the school’s efforts in math, which include increasing the times per year that students take the computerized, adaptive MAP test (Measure of Academic Progress). Greenwood puts more stock in the results of the MAP test than the CMAS (Colorado Measures of Academic Success) test because the feedback with MAP is instant and students are able to set and reach goals. The CMAS is given in the spring and results are not available until the following school year.
“It’s too bad, because I don’t feel like it is as valid as it used to be,” Greenwood said of the CMAS test.

Secondary reports
Secondary Principal Jeremy Voytko shared with the board the steady addition of...

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