Courthouse renovation work begins Feb. 1

by Beecher Threatt

Renovation of the historic Ouray County courthouse officially begins Feb. 1, following execution of an agreement on Jan. 24 with the general contractor on a guaranteed maximum price of $8,071,695. The schedule anticipates finishing the project in March 2020.
The county plans to have a groundbreaking ceremony in the near future.
County commissioners met twice over three hours on Thursday to review contract provisions with the contractor, owner’s representative and architectural team.
After calculating revenue from grants, lease purchase financing and sales tax specifically directed to courthouse renovation, commissioners determined the price can be met, although it is tight. Sales tax revenue received will pay for the quarterly lease purchase payments.
The county’s costs outside the construction contract with FCI Constructors, Inc., total $1,172,331 for architectural services, temporary relocation of county offices, cost for county engineer, owner’s representative services, phones and other items.
Other possible county costs arose during the discussion, totaling a minimum of $50,000. These include third party inspection fees, utility costs, water tap fees and phone wiring.
Commissioners quizzed the contractor and architect on possible areas to cut costs, with several areas being identified.
“We are starting to work on a value engineering list that will outline an immediate savings of about $150,000 to $200,000 in scope reduction options,” Matt Auperle, FCI project manager, said. “There are items we can take out now and add back in later in the project. What I think is once I propose this list to everyone, you guys can approve or reject certain items. Then working with the architect we are looking at additional value engineering items that can potentially double that savings. We are on board with working with you guys to come up with value engineering ideas to create that buffer for yourselves.”
Jim Kehoe, architect with Charles Cunniffe Architects, said he was already working on...

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