Ice Park to hear alternatives to using city’s potable water

by Carolina King

Peter Foster, vice president of Wright Water Works, focused his presentation to Ouray City Council on Tuesday night on alternative plans to get the Ice Park off the city’s potable water supply. He said that during peak times the Ice Park uses up to 225,000 gallons of water a day.
Foster discussed three potential plans to supply water to the park. They included: an infiltration gallery in Canyon Creek, an intake structure in Oak Creek or managing Mineral Farms and City of Ouray potable water usage more efficiently, most importantly by repairing leaks. (An infiltration gallery is a structure including perforated conduits in gravel to expedite transfer of water to or from a soil.)
“There’s a lot of non-potable uses. The hot springs, the hydropower and the Ice Park don’t need treated water,” Foster said.
Foster will be meeting with members of the Ice Park board and staff on Monday, Jan. 28 to discuss the alternatives in more detail.
Foster also presented council with updates on the water efficiency plan. He said it was important that the planning document be up to date so the city could apply for grants to assist with funding for meters from the Colorado Water Conservation Board.
The main change in the new plan is installation of meters, and though Foster said there were currently a lot of issues with leaks and waste of potable water, he believes the plan for the future that the city has is good.
“You have a model plan. Your plan is a poster-child for water efficiency,” Foster said.
The water efficiency plan was approved by council.

Pool Interim Manager
Council did not agree to City Administrator Katie Sickles’ recommendation to approve the same salary for the second interim pool manager as the first interim pool manager received. The first received $1,750 a week.
After much discussion and debate, council decided the new interim manager will receive the same salary minus benefits, making her overall paycheck go down.
Sickles had guaranteed the salary to the new hire, Jan Marie Smith, based on the salary of the previous employee so suggested giving part of her own salary to see that the first paycheck was as promised.
Council did not decide to...

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