National forest sign damaged by vehicle

by Dalton Carver

The Uncompahgre National Forest sign north of the City of Ouray has been significantly damaged, and thanks to the government shutdown, the Ouray Ranger District can do little in response at this time.
A vehicle crashed into the sign on Jan. 2. Nathan Adams, 22, a Washington resident, was headed out of Ouray when he slid off the road around 7 a.m. and hit the sign. Adams was uninjured but charged with driving too fast for the wintry condition of the road.
Dana Gardunio, Ouray District Ranger, would typically be the source for information on this type of incident regarding Forest Service property. However, she wasn’t able to provide much information in her furloughed position. In fact, calling the Ouray Ranger District’s office in Montrose will yield only a voice greeting and opportunity to leave a message.
“I really don’t have any further information. It sounds like the state patrol or sheriff’s department responded to that and is doing the work on that end,” said Gardunio. “We haven’t really had any interaction. We’re just waiting on them to hear if there will be any restitution coming to help us replace the sign. Most of our folks are furloughed right now and haven’t been able to address the issue.”