Marijuana facility relocation hearing continued

by Dalton Carver

A piece of the puzzle that fits into the KOB marijuana license transfer process remains to be examined by the Board of County Commissioners and the residents near County Road 1, and both parties will get the opportunities to evaluate. A hearing continued from Oct. 30 determining the transfer of a marijuana facility from Weahgatay Road to a parcel at County Road 1 and County Road 1C has been continued again to assess a sound analysis conducted on the property.
The continuation is currently scheduled for Nov. 19 at 9 a.m. at the 4H Events Center.
Beginning at 2 p.m. Tuesday, the continued hearing was primarily made up of public comment. As the hearing went on, commissioners took interest in an outstanding piece of evidence – a sound map report conducted by an engineer that could determine how loud the facility would actually be for nearby residents.
The report was commissioned by KOB and conducted by D.L. Adams and Associates. It details the noise impact for the proposed facility’s 12 outdoor AC units onto nearby property lines and residences. According to the report, which can be found on the county website in the Nov. 19 special meeting agenda packet, those levels would fall below the limits imposed by Ouray County ordinance.
“It is worth noting that from our previous experience monitoring ambient (background) noise in rural areas such as this site, the typical ambient noise level is between 35-45 dBA during the daytime and 20-35 dBA during the nighttime,” the report stated. “We cannot say with certainty that this site will have those exact ambient levels during daytime and nighttime hours, but it is likely that they are close to the levels we recorded at similar sites.”
After calculations based on manufacturer-provided sound data for the units and construction documents, the report contends that noise levels at the facility will likely fall below the Ouray County daytime noise limit of 55 dBA and that most of the locations will be below the nighttime limit of 50 dBA.
However, this report was not...

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