Swimming bears and turning 60 in dog years

The county commissioners decided to hold more meetings before making a decision about winter use, plowing and access rights on County Road 5 and about a proposed trail system for county roads 5, 7 and 9. At this rate, the county commissioners might make a decision by the time the snow melts in April.

A real Bonnie and Clyde incident occurred near the Alamosa and Saguache county lines Saturday. Colorado State Patrol, Saguache County deputies and an Alamosa deputy were in pursuit of a stolen Jeep Patriot. A CSP officer deployed "stop sticks" and brought the vehicle to a stop. The female passenger in the stolen vehicle brandished a shotgun during the pursuit.
The man and woman both got out of the car and apparently were headed to try to commandeer a nearby car when shots were fired by a CSP trooper, and at least one shot was fired from the shotgun. The woman was killed, and the man reportedly shot himself. According to the Alamosa News, "witnesses near the scene said two bodies were seen laying on the highway following a volley of bullets between the suspects and law enforcement."
The officer's name has not been revealed as the investigation continues. The two suspects, Nelson Billings and Jennifer Sharp, were from Lavaca, Texas.

Went fly fishing with a few friends on the Gunnison Thursday. When we got to the gorge at Pleasure Park, the river was raging muddy like a bull. We figured the Smith Fork, which enters the Gunnison about three miles up from the confluence of the Gunnison and North Fork of the Gunnison was blown out by overnight rains.
Time for Plan B.
Off to the Gunnison, well upstream, at the East Portal, where as we're gearing up we see a bear swim across the river.
With bulls and bears on the same river on the same day, it's no wonder the yield was low.

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, minors in Colorado face the greatest risk of being involved in a car accident while driving during the first year of having a license. Last year, 67 people between the ages of 15 and 20 were killed in traffic crashes in Colorado, up from 55 the previous year.
This increase is leading CDOT to kick off a new campaign called "Teach me how to GDL." The Graduated Driver Licensing law - adopted in 1999 after a crash near Greeley that killed four teens in a car driven by a 16-year old who had just received his license - puts restrictions on the number of passengers a minor is permitted to drive and includes no cell phone use and seat belt use requirements.
The CSP awareness campaign will attempt to reach teens through social media.

A reader told me that he has subscribed to the Plaindealer for 18 years. Recently, he went to his mailbox and in it was a Plaindealer, but not his. It was his neighbor's, who lives just a few blocks away. He didn't know this neighbor, but took the opportunity to go introduce himself and deliver the paper.
This, you say, doesn't sound so remarkable, Alan. It could happen in Ouray or Ridgway any given week.
Yes, except this occurred in Overland Park, Kansas.

DJ LeMahieu, second baseman for the Colorado Rockies, is the most difficult Rox player for pitchers to strike out. In 400 at-bats this year, he has struck out only 62 times. That's a bit over 15 percent of the time. He has nearly twice as many hits (113) than strikeouts.
There are players like LeMahieu on every Major League team, but they are not the norm. This year, for the first time in Major League history, baseball players as a whole are at risk to strike out more times than they produce hits. Through Aug. 16, according to a New York Times report, hits edged strikeouts only slightly, 30,678 vs. 30,569, respectively.
In September, teams will expand their rosters from the ranks of their minor league systems, and you'd think that inexperience would lead to more strikeouts.
Baseball is struggling with trying to speed up the game. This year it put in place limits on the number of visits a coach or other player can make to the mound during a game. It has also kicked around instituting a pitch clock, setting a maximum number of seconds between pitches.
But the real problem may be just hitting the dang ball. In 1980, teams averaged 4.8 strikeouts and 9.06 hits per game. Now teams average 8.44 strikeouts and 8.47 hits per game. It's not a contact sport like it used to be. And every time you put down a "K" on your scorecard for a strikeout, guaranteed more pitches and more time had to be used.

This week's fun factoid: When Snoop Dog turns 60, he'll be 420 in dog years. Not sure what that means...

Alan Todd is co-publisher of the Ouray County Plaindealer. He can be reached at atodd@ouraynews.com.