Local author pens OMRT history book

We don't normally do book reviews, but I can make an exception because I'm the one buying ink by the barrel.
Karen Risch, a contributor to this paper in many ways, has penned the true story accounts of Ouray Mountain Rescue Team.
Risch, who was a part of OMRT from 1996 to 2010, has been stopping by the Plaindealer office for several years using our archives for story and photo research. In addition to Plaindealer accounts, which she said is the only written source of these rescues, she has interviewed countless people who have contributed to OMRT along the way. The final product is nearly 350 pages of terrific accounts of rescues from 1974 and on.
Chapter titles such as "Kissing the Gorge," "The Mountain Shook," and "No Place to Run," all invite the reader to experience what this team has done and is prepared to do if ever there is trouble in the mountains.
In the chapter "Sullivan's Gully," a passage quotes Sam Rushing, local retired Ouray businessman and member of OMRT for over a quarter of a century:
"Rushing watched 'the other five…jugging up the slope in a line. I just couldn't believe what my eyes are telling me…five people are walking out of this canyon. They've got a heck of an angel watching over them.'"
If you're from this area, or just come on a part-time basis, you'll find many, many familiar names throughout the pages. But the names aren't as important as the work this team has done throughout the decades.
We're fortunate at the Plaindealer to have our papers intact from the 1950s on, and even more fortunate that the previous owners of the Plaindealer have had such good rapport with OMRT in obtaining and chronicling these stories.
We have a great relationship with OMRT. We cover their rescues not only because they are news, but also because it helps our readers understand the dangers these mountains can present and the extent to which this team is trained and will go do what they volunteer to do.
Karen is busy securing sites for her book, entitled "No Individual Heroes: Ouray Mountain Rescue Team." I'm sure you can find it in many retail spots in Ouray, and soon you'll see it in retail spots in Ridgway.
All proceeds for sale will go to benefit the team.

The 10-part series, "The Mine Next Door," written for Newmont Mining by Samantha Tisdel Wright, concludes this week. Many have asked if this is going to be put in book form. We have forwarded these comments to Newmont. If you have any feedback you'd like to send along to the company that owns the Idarado Mine, feel free to send them to us and we'll forward them.
Newmont will also have a question and answer session on Sept. 29, 4:00 p.m. at Telluride's Sheridan Opera House. Wright, along with Idarado characters will be present. Details of the event are on the center spread of today's paper.

Our customary election season section will appear Oct. 18.

Alan Todd is co-publisher of the Ouray County Plaindealer. He can be reached at atodd@ouraynews.com.