Not owned by a hedge fund

Dear Editor,
First, congratulations on your CPA award, but sorry you were disappointed that it wasn’t “the big one.”
The many thanks are for your excellent work on your excellent paper, which I read thoroughly each week. When I read the commentary by Ms. Schlichtman (April 19), I realized, in honor of the first Colorado Journalism Week, it was time to let you know how much I’ve appreciated and enjoyed every issue. I’ve learned so much about this area just by reading them.
Your detailed reporting on BOCC and town council meetings has kept me informed and up-to-date on issues, plans, controversies. I know which 4WD roads are open and what birds are being seen. “High speed facts: know your broadband jargon” went perfectly with “Council raises concerns about broadband project.”
In short, you cover local news like a local. I hope you can survive the price increases (tariffs doing their good work already) and continue onward through the current fog.
At least you aren’t owned by a hedge fund...

With respect,

Rebecca Kindred
Elk Meadows resident