Letters in place as sign gains final approval

by Alan Todd

The “Five Guys" who set out last year to refurbish the Box Canon sign received the final word Thursday they had been awaiting from the U.S. Forest Service, granting approval to replace and relight the letters of the iconic Ouray sign.
Ralph McCormick, Glynn Williams, Louis Fogleman, Mike Hakota and Tim Wallace formed the Box Canon Sign Committee last May, informally known as “Five Guys and a Sign," and in just over a year received permission from private landowners, the City of Ouray, Ouray County, the USFS and the Colorado Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation, to restore the 30-foot wide by 20-foot tall "Box Canon" sign above Box Canon Falls, originally erected and illuminated in 1909.
To speed the process and facilitate fundraising, the Five Guys partnered with Six Basins Project to utilize its non-profit status.
"Everybody seems to be happy," McCormick said. "I'm impressed. Even people who we thought we'd have issues with are making positive comments."
Ouray Mayor Pam Larson said she is excited to seen the sign taken care of and can't recall any attention given to it since her dad, Al Fedel, was mayor.
"The Five Guys have been very easy and positive to work with," Larson said, "and thanks to each of them, on behalf of the Ouray community for their work."
The individual letters, constructed of thin sheet metal, were marred from nearly a century of disrepair and abuse. The letters were misshapen, the lights were gone and graffiti as far back as the 1920s was etched in nearly every spot in the paint.
On Thursday, Steve Turner, state historic preservation officer, sent a letter to...

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