Town council leans toward lease option for animal-resistant trash cans

by Dalton Carver

In preparation for its final decision in mid-May, Ridgway town council conducted a work session the evening of April 25 to discuss the ongoing dilemma of animal-resistant trash containers. After discussing the options to allow residents to lease or purchase a new container, council is favoring Ridgway’s entire residential community leasing cans from Bruin for $7.33 a month.
At the April council meeting, confusion descended when council and staff misunderstood Bruin Waste Management’s bid to continue its service to the Town of Ridgway for trash and recycling services.
Chris Trosper, BWM general manager, proposed providing animal-resistant containers to Ridgway residents on a purchase or lease only basis. Council and staff perceived the bid as residents having the option of leasing or buying.
Trosper clarified and said council would have to choose one of the options for the entire town. After discussion between the two parties, Trosper offered to...

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