On the move again

Here we go again, although it's been three years since we last said that.
The lease for our 8th Avenue office is up at the end of May. We could have renewed for another three years, but it's a lot of space, and usually I'm the only one there. Literally, there are weeks where I can count on one finger the number of visitors we get. So much is done by mail, email, phone and the interweb.
The building's ownership will, from what we're told, change hands at the beginning of May, and that was the final kick to send us scurrying for office space. If you think it's difficult to find affordable housing, try affordable or available commercial space!
We found a spot, a bit tucked away, in the Old School House in Ridgway. There's a lot going on in the new building. RIGS Fly Shop is front and center. Behind it is Middleton Accounting, Kaadi Massage, Weehawken's dance classes and probably something else I haven't seen.
We're giving up our views in Ouray which stretch from the Grand Mesa in the distance to the north, to the mountains at the south end of Ouray. In their place, we'll have a top-floor view of the Cimarron Mountains and the near-nightly alpenglow light show.
We have the option to keep looking around in the short-term, and we'll keep our eyes open. But for now, it's time to start collecting boxes for packing.
Our office was in Ridgway when we first bought the paper, and we had a smaller office tucked away under the Ouray Candy Store, mostly for appearances. When we moved to Ouray three years ago, we shared offices with Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership for the convenience of having a place to put our feet up in Ridgway. More and more, it's becoming unnecessary to keep a location in both municipalities. We may be the last single business to do so in the county. Aside from actual miles as the crow flies, the interweb has really shrunk the distance between Ouray and Ridgway.
We thought about asking around Colona for a spot, since that's the last commercial area we haven't hung out our shingle. However, to this day customers still tell us they went looking for us at the old location at 6th Avenue (the paper hasn't been there for nearly 10 years), so a move to Colona might just short-circuit our base.
Beginning May 1, enter the west side door at the Old School House, go straight then turn left up the stairs. We're on the right toward the back.
As always, though. Call ahead. You never know. We may be in Ouray at a meeting…in the hot pool.

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