What consensual looks like

Dear Editor,
I hope the verdict in the recent sexual assault case does not deter victims to come forward, however I expect it will. I wish I could have been present for the entire trial, so I could wrap my head around the jury's conclusion. The sad fact is, that we as a society continue to blame the victim and in the courtroom, the victim also ends up being on trial, their lives looked at under a microscope and their decisions scrutinized. The state presented their case, albeit poorly, the judge gave her instructions, the jury made their decision, but the fact still remains that justice hasn't been served. As we know from the news reports, there have been several accounts of alleged similar assaults on women by the defendant. Every time I turn around there seems to be more reports on sexual violence against women: on planes, in the workplace, on college campuses, at parties. I don't know who these people think they are, but we need more education in our houses, in schools and in the workplace to explain in simpler terms what sexual assault is and what appropriate behavior looks like. We obviously need to make it clear what consensual looks like.
Jen Donovan