Held hostage by the NRA

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to yet another mass shooting carried out with an assault weapon and in response to those who are against an assault weapon ban. If you are not able to defend your home with a pistol, shotgun and hunting rifle, then there is no hope for you. The addition of an assault weapon will not help. You are already free to hunt, target shoot, be a gun collector and have guns for self-defense. Why must you also have an assault weapon?

Your desire to “play soldier” and demand access to these types of weapons is enabling truly unhinged people to easily and legally get access to these weapons of mass destruction to kill our fellow citizens and children.

The leadership of the NRA (not the more reasonable membership) is directly complicit in enabling domestic terrorism in their refusal to support reasonable gun control. The only certainty is that dozens to hundreds of more people in our country will be killed this year alone by assault weapons if nothing is done to stop the madness of civilian access to assault weapons.


David Guilinger