Consultant says Ridgway school district way ahead of science curve

by Mary Menz

Educational consultant and instructional coach Susan Lacy presented the results of her science curriculum audit to the Ridgway School District board of education at a special session Thursday evening.
Her review of existing science curriculum for grades K-12 reveals that RSD’s curriculum is already completely aligned with Colorado Science Standards as well as Next Generation Science Standards and science, technology, engineering and math best practices. She noted that Colorado is moving toward NGSS.
“So Ridgway is ahead of the curve,” said Lacy. She also said “It’s exciting, and it’s profound, to see that science is taught in the elementary grades and taught very well here. It is amazing how many elementary schools across the country don’t allocate dedicated time for science in lower grades,” she added, noting that most students develop a like or dislike of science by the time they are in third grade.
Lacy also made note of STEM learning principles in existing curriculum from grade to grade.
“It’s obvious from reviewing student science journals from upper elementary to middle school to high school that there is a continuum with strong learning happening in each area and bridging to the next level,” she explained.
Lacy said next steps will be continuing to...

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