What a city, Ouray!

What a city!
Last week I had a late night and lost a piece of clothing in the process.
Oh, you're thinking sure, Alan, you're going to tell us you were at the Coachlight Tavern and things got out of hand, right?
Not exactly.
I went to the Ice Park Committee meeting.
And it was quite the blur, so much so that the next day I looked all around for the new black fleece pullover my mother-in-law bought me and couldn't find it anywhere.
I searched the house, the office and even 6th Avenue where I had parked. I texted someone at the city and stopped by the police department to check on lost and found.
The next morning I was dropping Beecher off at City Hall and looked across the street. There on a railing was a black piece of clothing. I walked across and, lo and behold, there was my fleece.
What kind of people in what kind of city find a brand new black fleece on the street, put it on a fence rail and then leave it be for two days? And no one takes it?
That would be Ouray.
Thanks for taking care of my fleece and for keeping me out of the dog house with my mother-in-law!

A few weeks ago we reported on a group informally known as "Five Guys and a Sign." The Ouray group, led by Ralph McCormick, is seeking donations in an effort to repair the "Box Canon" sign which was erected above Box Canon in 1909.
The group had the letters on the historic sign removed and now need funding to return the letters to original form in order to replace them by their stated goal of May 2018.
Ralph sent me a note of good news this week. Since the article appeared, the group (formally known as the Box Cañon Sign Committee) has received a funding challenge from the Western Colorado Community Foundation/Dave and Mary Wood Fund. The fund has issued a challenge match of $10,000, good through Jan. 31.
And so far, the Five Guys have commitments of sponsorships for three letters ($1,909 per letter) and hope through big and small donations they can at least reach the match.
Ralph's hoping to sell the remaining five letters by Jan. 31 but will thankfully accept smaller donations, as well.
Want to help? Make donations payable to Six Basins Project, Inc., and mail to Box Cañon Sign, P.O. Box 672, Ouray CO 81427.

Alan Todd is co-publisher of the Ouray County Plaindealer. He can be reached at 970-325-2838 or atodd@ouraynews.com