Uncompahgre arsenic levels of low concern

by Dalton Carver

A recent study undertaken by the Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership revealed what appeared to be high amounts of arsenic in portions of the Uncompahgre River. However, UWP representative Dennis Murphy said there’s not much to be concerned about on that front. Murphy presented the report to the Board of County Commissioners at its regular meeting Jan. 30.
The arsenic testing was part of a March 2017 study on the dam release of the Ouray Hydroelectric Project, which is located adjacent to the Uncompahgre River near the City of Ouray. When too much sediment builds up in the reservoir of the Ouray Hydroelectric Project, a gate rapidly releases water near the bottom of the dam to relieve the reservoir of that sediment. This action, known as sluicing, typically occurs each spring and often uses snowmelt flows to push sediment out.
UWP reports the upper Uncompahgre Watershed contains elevated...

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