Full of hazards

Dear Editor,

The new road upgrades on Hwy. 62 through Ridgway are nice; however, who's the person who designed/engineered those manhole covers three inches below grade and right where your tires will hit every time you drive through town?
It's a new street and it feels like Armageddon every time I drive to the office in the morning.
And if I try to dodge the things I look like I should be pulled over for drunk driving!
County Road 5 is bad enough, but we've almost come to expect it to be bad. But our new street?
Why couldn't the high-paid engineering firm have planned it so that the manhole covers were placed between the opposing lanes? And, while we're at it, why can't repairs be made to the two-foot deep trenches just off the pavement by the ball field? Someone obviously pulled off the side and created these trenches, but no one has felt the need to fix these.
Who knew that our new roads would be so full of hazards?

Neil K'noer
Ouray County