Energy of immigrants enhance nation

Dear Editor,
My grandfather came over from Italy in the late 1890s. Southern Italy at
that time was a “s@#% hole country.” He was a carpenter and kindled a
thriving construction business. Whenever I see Hispanics working in
construction, I imagine my grandfather and his men speaking Italian rather
than Spanish, doing almost exactly the same thing. When my Italian ancestors
first came here, they would rent the attic of someone’s house because they
couldn’t afford a house of their own. Slowly they made money, had
families and helped build the United States that we know today. The Irish
did the same, as did the Chinese, Japanese, Germans and Scandinavians.
Before them were the migrations of English, Dutch and French, as well as the
swells of African slaves. Roughly 10-20 thousand years before them, Native
Americans arrived from East Asia. Our ancestors were all immigrants, most of
whom were leaving an impoverished existence hoping to find a better way of
Politicians have historically gained power and influence by convincing us
that “we” are different and more worthy than “those others” of
different racial, cultural or religious decent. We aren’t. We’re all
the descendants of immigrants who helped to make the United States what it
is. The latest mass migration is of Hispanics from Central and South America
who harvest our crops and, like my grandfather, build our houses. We need the
energy of these immigrants to enhance and enrich the nation that we will

Chuck Romaniello
Log Hill