Back country rangers needed

Dear Editor:
I am writing to address a concern that I have for our backcountry resource.
With the increased 4-wheel drive and ATV visitors to the San Juan Mountains, it would appear that additional back country rangers would be a necessity.
I have spoken with many of my friends and acquaintances who use the back country. They have all stated that during the summer, the mountain roads are busier than rush hour traffic in the cities they are from. Yet, we have ONE back ranger to patrol these mountain passes. In my excursions into our majestic mountains, I have seen signs that clearly state “No Motorized Vehicles” with tire tracks scarring the meadows beyond.
We need more back county rangers.
To protect this precious asset for ourselves and future visitors.
People become more mindful of their speed, safety and where they are driving, when they know there is someone there to enforce the regulations.
I would ask the county commissioners of San Juan, Ouray, San Miguel, Hinsdale and La Plata counties to collaborate to hire additional back country rangers. Sincerely,

Janice Sanders