Taxes in support of partisanship

Dear Editor,
The email chain provided by CCAT does in fact list (County Commissioner) Ben Tisdel as having pledged 'about $2,000' to the organization (CCAT), it also contains some rather bizarre emails, and statements by Ben. I suppose we could ask Ben to think back, and possibly correct the record regarding the pledge, but I'm not really interested in that aspect of his poli- tics, and I'm not looking to embarrass him further. I would much rather take the opportunity to dial the rhetoric down a lit- tle.
Ben is obviously free to conduct his politics locally, regionally and otherwise, that's of no concern to me whatsoever. I also don't think that he should feel embar- rassed when it is suggested that he partici- pates in controversial political, or social groups. I'm absolutely fine with his pas- sion, and his enthusiasm.
I am however concerned regarding the use of our Ouray County taxpayer funds in support of partisan, political groups, CCAT is such a group. I am also concerned over the notion that it serves a purpose for any of our commissioners to demagogue issues just for shock value, or for show, when
there is no definable county benefit. I'm fine if we have commissioners who bring diverse (even diametrically opposed) politi- cal and social views, but what I ask is that we declare detente, and leave non local politics outside the door.
Back to the issue of county funds, I realize that BOCC members in other counties do in fact spend money, and use county resources (sometimes excessively) in support of partisan causes. I just think that it would be reasonable for us to agree that it isn't necessary for Ouray County staff or commissioners to support partisan causes, with taxpayer funds, (that includes staff time and travel budgets).
I don't share Ben Tisdel's political views, so I would look forward to finding common ground with him in other areas. By far the majority of the county's prob- lems, and challenges are politically neutral. Perhaps it would be helpful for our com- missioners to recognize, and adopt a new policy: To find common cause, and to build consensus on issues that we can all support.
John Kuijvenhoven