Rough over roads

Dear Editor,

Last weekend my wife and I jeeped over to Creede to watch a play and on the way over we took Engineer Pass and on the way back Cinnamon Pass. We were appalled at the condition of these roads. We soon found out why as dozens and dozens of ATVs roared past us in both directions going 25 to 40 mph and creating a dust storm that you could cut with a knife. As we watched them we saw their finely tuned suspension systems slamming into the potholes made deeper with each wave of ATVs. If this wasn’t bad enough then came the hordes of dirt bikes flying at up to 50 mph and leaping into the air spinning rock in all directions, deepening the potholes and creating new ones.
Certainly ATVers and dirt bikers have as much right to the road as I do BUT THE SPEED LIMIT ON THESE ROADS IS 15 MPH. One important reason for that speed limit is to prevent the destruction of the roads. Perhaps the local sheriff’s departments are reluctant to even try and enforce the speed limits for fear of angering tourists whose money spent supports all of our local economies. I don’t know the answer to this problem, but our visitors need to be educated about how to properly use our wonderful jeep roads or they will soon be nothing more than motocross courses.

Don Paulson