Dear Editor,
I attended the meeting on the proposed UROD (Uncompahgre River Overlay District) and felt like I was in second grade being herded around by a professional facilitator. By the time I left in frustration, no questions of substance had been answered and no one’s objections had been addressed.
The Town cooked up this scheme secretly, despite the objections to the contrary. I believe everyone in Ridgway wishes for our river to be protected and environmental benefits to be increased, but UROD makes a basic assumption that economic benefits shall be enhanced by placing onerous burdens on those who own property adjacent to the river. MEDDLINGITIS is a virus which seems to like beaurocrats and The Town seems to be infected. UROD places an undue burden on some who happen to own property adjacent to the river and The Town appears to be indifferent, nay contemptuous, of the property rights of those so unfortunate. What was once an asset to these landowners may now turn into a liability. I won't enumerate the requirements that would be placed on these landowners, whom I presume paid their taxes and in some cases made improvements, in the expectation of making a good investment (or not).
Perhaps they just wanted land along the river. Read the proposed ordinance for yourself. UROD will wreck that. One wonders if now that RAMP is almost over these persons in The Town simply need something to do.
Respectfully submitted,

Jenny Lee Phillips