Ouray County Planning Commission unclear on its high alpine role

by Dalton Carver

Frustration and confusion on what the Ouray County Planning Commission should do next, regarding recent developments in the high alpine development regulations in the land use code, resulted in a joint meeting being scheduled with the Board of County Commissioners. The meeting was scheduled following discussion at a planning commission work session Tuesday, Sept. 5. The session was the second since Section 24 was handed back down to the commission.
In what has been described as a “hallway meeting” with Marti Whitmore, former county attorney, County Planning Director Mark Castrodale said Whitmore recommended building permits for yurt decks be suspended to avoid any possible legal action against the county.
In a later executive session, Castrodale said Whitmore went into more detail about possible litigation, information that only the board is privy to at this point.
“For whatever reason, she felt like that would put us in a worse position in terms of liability,” said Castrodale, saying he didn’t have the expertise or knowledge to speak about the possible legal issues, a statement he made at previous work sessions.
Castrodale made the decision to...

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