Thoughtful attention to expenses

Dear Editor,
Kudos to Charles Carson for his enlightenment of comparisons among Ouray County infrastructures. His courthouse recommendations show thoughtful thinking as to a more reasonable attention to expenses. How can a $3,000,000 renovation take priority over some of our absolutely horrible roads. Dust and pot holes contribute to health problems and damages to automobiles. Those who don’t use unpaved county roads are probably not familiar with the problems caused by regular use of them that folks who live on them must deal with.
Several years ago, in 2005, residents along the midwestern portion of County Road 24 formed an extensive, volunteer research committee to examine costs and possibilities of paving that area. That included owners in Pleasant Point, Pleasant Hills, Penn Crest, Windfall, Last Stand Road, Catamount, Pleasant Valley Vista and Lazy Dog subdivisions, as well as those directly on 24.
Input was gathered from many of those property owners and over 60 percent of them were willing to further explore the possibility of creating a special taxing district to pave that two-mile section of 24. This was aimed at putting the proposal on the ballot to be voted on by just those property owners involved.
After all the volunteer time spent and surveys were presented to the county, the county officials announced that prior to paving, the road would need to be brought up to standards, estimating the cost for that at $1,000,000. Of course, the county could not afford to do that. We don’t believe the Road and Bridge Department has ever been properly funded to take care of the miles of roads in our county. We applaud the efforts being discussed to increase their funding.
We believe in keeping our historical buildings, but not at the expense of good, safe roads.
Robert and Ricky McDaniel
Pleasant Valley