Love the paper, missing the bird pictures

Dear Editor,
Just to compliment and communicate with you and your staff.
First, I’ve recently “come home” to SW Colorado, and have been so impressed with your weekly paper. Detailed news of local happenings with USEFUL information for those of us who can’t/don’t go to various county and city meetings but like to know what’s going on and why. Especially the “why.”
Second, the monthly articles on birds, with the list of birds sighted in the county, has been very, very helpful to me. It has confirmed some suspected sightings (can I really expect to see that bird here? yes!) as I refresh my memory of birding in this area. I look forward to that article every month.
However, I noticed the past two columns have not included a photo of the featured bird. I miss those, and hope they’ll return soon. Even though I may be familiar with the bird, the photo always complemented the article. It’s how I first noticed the column when I was scanning the paper.
Thank you for printing these articles, and for all the other work you all do to produce and excellent NEWSpaper. Sincerely,

Rebecca Kindred
Elk Meadows