Inhabiting a separate parallel universe

Dear Editor,

The Plaindealer’s  coverage the past several weeks of the County’s deliberations regarding renovations to the courthouse now has me convinced that we who live on Log Hill must inhabit a separate parallel universe with respect to the Commissioners and County staff. Perhaps the escarpment ascent is the wormhole.
Talk of spending $9 million plus to renovate/rebuild/relocate County offices is being blithely bandied about while our roads continue to fall apart. It is a cliche but this is truly jaw dropping.
The County was unable to determine how to come up with $3 million to pave County Road 1, and even undermined the "CR1 Fix” initiative, but my sense is that the decision to spend at least $9 million for new County offices has been made, that the momentum is there to do it, and the only open question is what to do, and whether the funding comes from sales taxes or property taxes.
Many government administrative offices in the U.S. are housed in modular/prefabricated buildings. What is wrong with using the property on Mall Road (the Land Use office area) to erect practical modular offices for County staff? There presumably would even be efficiencies in colocating all County offices and functions. Spend frugally what is necessary on the Courthouse to only stabilize it and continue to house the court. If a venue is needed for conferences, use the 4H Center or the Courthouse.
Spend the rest of the $9 million that apparently is going to be easy to raise on paving County Road 1 and other major arteries
In Ouray County. Commissioners, please get your priorities in order.  
Ouray County needs fine roads before it needs fine County offices.

Charles Carson
Log Hill