Saving energy and money

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Dear Editor,
One of the most cost effective government programs is the Energy Star Program administered by the EPA. President Trump has called for eliminating this program in his budget! This program benefits commercial businesses and residential homeowners to the tune of billions of dollars each year.  In addition it is a tremendous benefit to our environment.
The average home owner spends $2060 annually on energy bills for a single family home. If a homeowner purchases Energy Star appliances and LED light bulbs along with added insulation, weather stripping windows and doors, lowering the temperature of their home and hot water heater, that amount could be cut in half! My wife and I recently purchased a home in Ridgway and had an energy audit done. This cost us nothing because San Miguel Power Company paid for it. Thanks to the infrared equipment we discovered some leaks which we have since taken care of.  
Our refrigerator was 12 years old and not Energy Star rated so we are replacing it with an Energy Star refrigerator that is estimated to cost only $73 per year to operate. The Power Company is giving us an $80 rebate toward this new refrigerator as part of the Energy Star Program. We replaced all the old light bulbs that are very inefficient with Energy Star LED’s and got about a 50 percent rebate which amounted to $460. It is no secret that this President hates the EPA and is an anti-environment President. He apparently could care less that this program is helping millions of consumers, many who are poor, save substantial money on energy bills. Please let your members of Congress know that you want this low cost program continued. You can simply call the Capitol switchboard at 202 224-3121 and they can connect you to your representative and both senators. Sincerely,
Tom Heffernan