CFLRP funding uncertain after 2019

Tony Cheng, director of the Colorado Forest Restoration Institute, opens the annual Uncompahgre Plateau Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Project at the Holiday Inn in Montrose, Monday, March 6.

Plaindealer photo by Dalton Carver

by Dalton Carver

The Uncompahgre Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Project has monitored and managed thousands of acres on the Uncompahgre Plateau since it was formed in 2009, implementing work that has dealt with forest restoration, prescribed fire, aquatics, travel management and wildlife. However, the funding cycle for CFLRP will be over in about two and a half years, and it is uncertain what the next steps will be with the program.
CFLRP stakeholders were reminded of this news at the annual meeting at the Holiday Inn in Montrose on Monday, March 6. The meeting featured representatives from the U.S. Forest Service, Colorado Forest Restoration Institute, Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Uncompahgre Partnership.
The CFLRP is a partnership among several land restoration and management entities, including the USFS, the Uncompahgre Partnership, CPW, Colorado State University, the Colorado Forest Restoration Institute and the Western Colorado Landscape Collaborative.
CFLRP is a national program administered by the USFS and created by an act of Congress in 2009. It’s a competitive funding program that sets up pools of money within the USFS budget to allocate toward collaborative landscape projects, which are reviewed and selected by an independent advisory committee. The Uncompahgre Plateau CFLRP was one of 10 that were selected in 2010. Now, there are 23 projects across the country.
After seven years into the 10-year project, the future is uncertain for the Uncompahgre Plateau CFLRP. Already, projects and work are being implemented with about...

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