The privilege of serving

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Dear Editor,
Thank You!!!
It is with very mixed emotions that I took an action a couple of weeks ago that everyone works towards to some degree. On Feb. 14, 2017 I took a step into my future by handing in my notice of retire- ment to the Ridgway Marshal’s Office. I am not sure where the road is going to take me, but I will never forget the road that I have traveled to this point. I have been in Law Enforcement for 37 years and one of my best assignments I have had was the privilege of serving the community of Ridgway for the last 16+ years. I was involved a vehicle accident in September 2016 and have not fully recovered to the point that I would be capable of providing the services that you deserve.
During the time I served I have made many friends in the area; Krista and I plan on staying in the community for the fore- seeable future. I wish the citizens and businesses of the community the best.
Thank you for allowing me to serve you.

David “Scotty” Scott