Questionnaire - Ouray County Housing Authority – 5 Year Plan

The first step in creating affordable housing solutions is find out what exactly affordable housing means for Ouray County. The Ouray County Housing Advisory Committee sent a questionnaire to the Ouray City Council, Board of County Commissioners and Ridgway Town Council to gain input on what each community needs. 

The Ouray City Council answered the questionnaire on Jan. 17. The council's consensus answers follow.

1. What are your goals for Affordable/Attainable Housing?

In 2017 Council will determining the needs of the community and defining goals.

2. What do you believe is needed to achieve your goals?

__ a) rental housing

__ b) ownership

_x_ c) both

3. What are you willing to do to attract affordable housing development?

Explore incentive programs and other possibilities.

4. What is not acceptable, i.e. modular, mobile homes, tiny homes, etc.?

The City would consider the possibility of Code changes.

5. To meet your goals for affordable housing, would you consider:

a) an “impact fee” on building permits? Yes _x_ No __

b) a “use tax” on building supplies? Yes _x_ No __

6. Are you willing to reduce or forego building and/or tap fees to encourage affordable housing? Yes _x_

No __

Would consider building permit fees and a deferment plan for tap fees.

7. Would you consider changing your density regulations? Yes _x_ No __

If “yes”, in what manner?

Density bonus program.

8. How long do you anticipate changes for adequate zoning, building, etc. regulations to be finalized and

in place?

Minutes of Ouray City Council

January 17, 2017

X:\Clerk\Council\Minutes\2017\Minutes1-17-17.docx 4

__ 06 month’s _x_ 712 month’s __ 13+ month’s

9. Are you willing to expedite the process so we are not waiting on monthly meetings? Yes _x_ No __

10. Please prioritize what your community values (highest =1, next highest=2 and lowest=3):

_1__ Housing

_3__ Small open space/parks

_1__ Regional transportation

11. What do you believe your community values more?

__ a) current mix of existing housing under current zoning regulations, or

_x_ b) modify current zoning regulations to facilitate affordable housing

12. Would you be willing to accept a rental subsidy development, i.e. Section 8? Yes _x_ No __

13. Would you be willing to utilize public land you own to achieve affordable housing? Yes __ No _x_

No land is available.

14. Would you be willing to purchase land to achieve affordable housing? Yes _x_ No __

What would be the funding source?

15. Would you prefer to see affordable housing:

__ a) in one area, or

_x_ b) dispersed throughout your entire community

16. Would you favor:

__ a) private sector solutions for affordable housing, or

_x_ b) government subsidies, or

__ c) both

17. Would you utilize the proposed Guidelines as criteria moving forward? Yes _x_ No __

18. Other comments are welcome:

Facilitate meeting to assist with the process