Time is now

Dear Editor,

When you're 85 years old, as I am, you've watched many conflicts, political and social debates, and issues come and go. Today a major issue has come to the top of the agenda across our nation - from the east coast to the rural communi- ties of Colorado: affordable housing. This is an issue that merits compassionate con- cern, widespread discussion and as quick resolution as possible.
Here in Ouray County we have the ability to focus intelligently on affordable housing and to offer reasonable solutions. To address the complex and seemingly impossible issues and solutions, we are fortunate to have caring citizens and con-
cerned governing organizations. We have a county housing authority, whose mem- bers need our support, commitment and talent to strengthen their organization and move forward on defining issues, firming goals and establishing procedures like a long-range plan, management and funding.
The time is now for affordable housing in Ouray County. To learn more about what it is (and isn't), what the issues are and how to be involved, attend the Affordable Housing Forum Sept. 21, 7 p.m., at Ridgway Community Center.

Donna Green