Seems like a bargain

Dear Editor,

This is in response to your editorial in the September 1-7, 2016 issue, regarding Amendment 69, single payer for health insurance.
I need to disclose that before my retirement in 2013, I was Chief Financial Officer for Colorado based businesses. Each year I had the unpleasant duty of explaining to the business owners and the employees the huge increase their health insurance cost. These memories definitely color my feelings about Amendment 69.
In your editorial you say that the small business owner paying himself $50,000 would pay a tax of $5,000 on his own wage (the new cost of health insurance, since the premium paid before to the insurance company would now not be necessary). My experience was that a premium for family coverage at the time I retired was more than double this amount. Seems like a bargain. Of course, the small business owner who has chosen to not provide health insurance to his employees would now be doing so. Let's say the employee was a single female with two small children, earning $30,000. The cost to the employer would be $2,000, and to the employee $1,000, and she would have health insurance for herself and her two children. A very good deal for her, and an additional expense to the employer of $2,000. While this costs the small employer who is not offering insurance now $2,000 in additional expense, recruiting should be easier since the competition with employers who have been offering health insurance is eliminated. Employers presently offering health insurance get their cost changed to 6.667 percent of payroll, which is I would think in most all cases a significant reduction in expense.
I agree with Nancy Pelosi that we never know the full consequences of a new law (good and bad) until it is put into effect. It seems to me the benefit of this amendment, to employees and employers, is such that we should give it a try.
This is a complex subject, with many things that can be debated. There are several weeks to the election, and I would like to hear from other readers, employees and employers, pro and con, on their thoughts on this issue. This is my challenge to your readers.

Eric Hall