Begin paving Ouray

Dear Editor,
I want to take the occasion of the opening of the" new" school to
congratulate all those responsible. It complements the natural beauty that
surrounds Ouray.
I was also glad to see the street/playground finally paved. That was
long overdue. It reminded me that about 10 years ago, the town administration
promised they were setting aside money for paving one street per year.
It was at that time that some of the curbs and gutters were poured in
preparation for paving. Maybe the economic downturn sidetracked that project.
But our economy is thriving now and it's an opportune time to begin that
paving project and end all the dust and mud, the mag-chloride, the plugged up
storm sewers, the swamped sidewalks, etc. I feel that's a project that should
take priority over new dressing rooms at the pool and begin where there's
already curb and gutters.

Fr. Nat Foshage
St. Daniel Catholic Church