COLORADO Overcharged homeowners get restitution

Special to the Plaindealer

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia H. Coffman announced this week that her office has sent out more than 20,000 checks to homeowners who were improperly charged false and inflated foreclosure costs by foreclosure law firm Aronowitz & Mecklenburg, LLP.

Coffman contracted with a third-party administrator to send out the payments totaling over $7.7 million. Homeowners eligible for these payments cured, reinstated, or entered a loan modification to stop a foreclosure initiated through Aronowitz & Mecklenburg.
The AG obtained these funds through a 2014 law enforcement action against Aronowitz & Mecklenburg, alleging that it and its principals illegally inflated certain foreclosure-related costs. As part of the settlement with Aronowitz & Mecklenburg, certain funds were made available to make partial restitution to homeowners that were impacted by this overcharging. 
“Consumers trying to resolve a foreclosure should not have had to shoulder the additional burden of illegally-inflated costs,” said Coffman. “We are very glad that we can return some of that money to homeowners.”
If consumers have questions about a check they have received or eligibility to receive funds, they should call the Administrator, Class Action Administration, at 844-533-9506.